LP-2010 AES17 1998 Switching Amplifier Low Pass(low-pass) Filter

Introduction: LP-2010 AES17 1998 Switching Amplifier Low Pass(low-pass) Filter

This is a great D class amplifier

measurement of low-pass filter.The fine workingmanship,superiro performance,easy connection make this product easy to use and very worth owning with a high cost performance .

Step 1: Easy to Use

Easy to use

simple connection,it only takes 3 mins from unpacking to using

True differential input,suitbale for the bridge output structure

Single-ended output,the output buffer stage can load multiple connections

Simple power input,the built-in power converter module provides power supply for internal circuity

Step 2: High Cost Performance Where Needs It ?Who Needs It ?

High Cost Performance

Superior Performance,But Low Price

10% for less than the price of branded products,with most of its performance

Superior frequency response and distortion

Very easy to extend range,brings endless appreciation potential

Abundant high-quality accessories,without additional cost

Where needs it ?

Low-power switching amplifier measurement

Hands-free bluetooth audio parameters debug and test

Mobile audio products parameters debug and test

Multimedia audio products audio parameters debug and test

Low pass filter for digital audio decoder

Who needs it ?

Amplifier products manufacturing plant

Specialized for Maintenance Testing

R & D engineers, to debug switching amplifier

Personal, for DIY digital audio products

Step 3: ​Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters


Frequency Response ±0.1dB , 10Hz to 20KHz

Insertion Loss 0.05dB , typically

High-frequency(HF) Inhibit > 60dB , 250KHz to 20MHz , typically

Maximum Input (without extension) ±10V peak

Channel Isolation > 90dB @ 20KHz

Distortion < 0.005% harmonic (1V 1KHz)



Suitable Temperature +5°C to +40°C

Storage Temperature -40°C to +75°C

Humidity 80% RH to at least +90°C

Dimension 105 * 165 * 36 mm

Step 4: Packing List

1 X INHAOS LP-2010 Low Pass Filter

1 X User Manual

1 X DC9V 500mA Power Supply

2 X BNC Tee Connect

1 X BNC to BNC Audio Cable

1 X RCA to BNC Audio Cable

2 X Speaker Cable


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    3 years ago

    I have been looking for a way to check the max power and distortion of class D power amplifiers. I read in the specs that this unit has a max input of 10 volts. Is this ONLY for low power class D amps or can it be used to measure 50 watt+ power amplifiers?


    3 years ago on Step 4

    What wattage resistors in series with input if add the 39.92Kohm for a max of + - 50Vp?


    Reply 3 years ago

    It's does not matter how many wattage for the serial resistor , since it will not spent current much , 1/8W 1% is OK.