Introduction: LUMI Event - AssentWorks Marney

LUMI event at AssentWorks maker space Sat Sept 28th. Unfortunately a cloudy day.

Step 1: T-shirt

Used a grey t-shirt. Board underneath, blocked off a square using painters tape

Step 2: Painting With Inkodye

Painted the entire blocked square with in lodge. Saturated and blotted with paper towels

Step 3: Negative

Applied the negative. Maybe too busy of a negative. Also we have no access to an inkjet printer so we used a laser printer with different transparency.

Step 4: Lighting

Unfortunately we had no natural sunlight. Used lighting for 1 hr 15 min

Step 5: Removed Negative

Removed negative and it didn't look very good.

Step 6: Washing

Washed the t-shirt using your concentrated detergent

Step 7: Finished T-shirt

Here it is. Doesn't look very good. Oh well. We want to try it again with a different negative (maybe white on black letters), white t-shirt and natural sunlight. We are not sure if the type of negative film made a difference or not.