Introduction: LXN&YL_Skateboard

This is a traditional double tilt skateboard. The only difference is that I'm here to make the bridge stronger, which increases the safety of the skater. In addition, this skateboard is also named after my good friend and I want to make it unique. Color matching is also a change of the traditional heavy tone, I think these bright colors will be more suitable for women to use. All in all, I think it's wonderful.


Maple board, iron, plastic, PVC, acrylic pigment, carbon fiber.

Step 1:

Pull out a square and adjust the size as shown in the figure.

Step 2:

Pull out a cylinder, set it to be hollow, and adjust the size as shown in the figure.

Step 3:

Select all objects and align them at the bottom.

Step 4:

Copy one of the cylinders, three times, and adjust the position as shown.

Step 5:

Select four cylinders and use the keyboard's direction key to move them in the same distance.

Step 6:

Lengthen the four cylinders and select all shapes to group them.

Step 7:

Pull out a roof and resize as shown.

Step 8:

Pull out a transparent cube, adjust it to the position as shown in the figure, and select all objects to group.

Step 9:

Pull out a transparent cylinder and adjust it to a proper position to prepare for arc making. Secondly, all objects are grouped to get the effect as shown in the figure.

Step 10:

Pull out a roof, adjust it to the size shown in the figure, rotate it 180 ° and align it with the bottom of the object below.

Step 11:

Pull out a solid cylinder and a hollow cube, adjust to the position as shown in the figure, and prepare for making the screw hole of the bridge.

Step 12:

First, pull out a hollow cylinder and align it with all objects in the center, then adjust it to the position as shown in the figure. Next, pull out a cylinder, adjust the size and move to the position as shown in the figure, which will be the axis of the skateboard.

Step 13:

Pull out the three cylinders with the same diameter, different height and different colors, align them, group them, and look like Oreo. Next, move them to the position shown in the figure.

Step 14:

At this time, we need to drill a hole in Orio, pull out a transparent cylinder to adjust.

Step 15:

Pull out another cylinder of the same size and set it to gray.

Step 16:

Pull out a diamond, set to the size shown in the figure, and move to the top of the cylinder in the previous step.

In this way, the skateboard bridge is ready!

Step 17:

Pull out a box and set it to the size shown.

Step 18:

Pull out a solid cylinder and a hollow cube, adjust to the position as shown in the figure. By combining them, we can get both ends of the skateboard.

Step 19:

The two ends are slightly raised, one of which is a little higher than the other, to distinguish the positive and negative.

Step 20:

Lower the work plane. Pull out a transparent box, press the D key on the keyboard, put it on the open surface, and adjust the size to cover the whole upper half of the object. To remove impurities.

Step 21:

Create a new work plane and align the bridge with it.
And copy the bridge to the other end of the skateboard. Don't forget to rotate the copied bridge 180 °

Step 22:

Pull out a circular tube and set the inner and outer radius to the size shown in the figure. So we get the wheels of the skateboard, copy and move them, and we get what we see.

Step 23:

Pull out a star and set it to the size shown in the figure, which will be used as an ornament for the skateboard wheel. Move them, adjust them to the right position, doesn't it look great!

Step 24:

Pull out a transparent cylinder, copy them, match the four holes on the bridge, lengthen them, and get the appearance as shown in the figure. Combine them to get four holes.

It's the same at the other hand!

Step 25:

The axis of the skateboard looks a little long. Pull out two transparent boxes, adjust the position, and combine them, so it's solved!

Step 26:

The holes in the sliding plate surface are plugged with eight solid cylinders, so that the rivets are obtained.

Step 27:

Skateboarding is basically done, now let's add our unique logo!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    I really like the wheel designs :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for your reply. I haven't mastered this software for a long time. Some details are rough.