Introduction: La Catrina - Dia De Los Muertos

Easy makeup for a 30 minute Dia de Los Muertos costume. I used Ben Nye products because they stay until washed off and are easy on sensitive skin.

Step 1: Base Layer

Combine Ben Nye super white face power with water and apply to face and ears.

Step 2: Eyes

Create a circle around your eyes using the top of your eyebrow as a guideline. This is usually done in black, but I used a Turquoise Ben Nye Creme Pencil. Fill in the outline and then add eyeliner and mascara as you regularly would.

Continue by drawing small, half circles around the eye area. You can fill in with the same color (Ben Nye Fire Red Creme Pencil), or use a different color.

Step 3: Mouth and Nose

Using Ben Nye Night Shimmer Crayon, draw a vertical line down the center of your lips and at each corner of your mouth. Add two evenly spaced lines on each side of the center mark. Draw a line from the corner of your mouth, tracing your cheekbone to the center of your cheek on both sides of your face.

Find the center point of your nose and draw a triangle down around each nostril using the same pencil. Fill in and adjust the shape to your liking.

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