Introduction: La Mitad Del Mundo

I choose La mitad del mundo because it is a very important culture heritage of Ecuador. This place is very important that you can visit as a family every time you go to Quito. In order to do this proyectI use tinterkard because it's a simple but powerfull tool for making proyects. I think people may be interested to this proyect because I forced myself a lot and it also looks a lot to "La Mitad del mundo".


An electronic device, the TinkerCad Website or App

Link to TinkerCad:

Step 1: Base

For the basement, i add 2 lateral blocks, with a rectangular shape each one. The main color of each block is green.

At the center of the basement, there is a giant square, wich is the main structure of all the project. It's a square with the same dimentions in every side. It's of color brown. I reshape the rectangles in order for look like the grass of the structure, and the main square for look like a giant rock.

Step 2: Construction of the Body

For the body of the structure, I put on the base 2 more squares, of differents shapes, in order to look like a tower that it's changing its size when it gets higher.

The size of the structures is about 2mts less than before. I put only 2 but you can put the number you want. The color i used is still brown.

Step 3: The Final of the Tower

For the final part of the structure, i put 2 small squares, each one smaller that the other, simulated the top of the tower. Each one must be on the center of the structure, and must be smaller than the others structures before. When we have our final points, we can put our sphere, that will be on the top of the tower, relayed on the 2 squares we put before. The sphere must has a circunference exactly like the squares before, in order to be very well balance.

Step 4: Final Name

For the end, I put the word in front of the structure. This is a personal desition.

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