Lab-in-a-box (The Wide One)

Introduction: Lab-in-a-box (The Wide One)

Inspired by the lab-in-a-box created by McLovinGyver ( and the portable lab created by Morten Nisker (, I thought I'd have a go at creating my own. LIke the labs created by these guys, I wanted something somewhat portable so that I could move everything in one go if I need to, but I also had a very specific day-to-day home in mind for the lab which made for some interesting restrictions.

I won't go into the majory details of how I created it (it's just screwing wood together and McLovinGyver has already done a great job) but I thought I could share a few pics along the way at least.

Some cool things about it though are 1) the use of business card boxes as electronics component storage, 2) a central tools draw in the middle for all your pliers and bits 3) a benchtop power supply from an old ATX power unit (using the Dangerous Protoypes breakout board) 4) in built powerstrip for powering the soldering iron / benchtop power supply 5) removable door for full access to tools whilst still able to hide everything away.

I still have a few things left to do (varnish the wood so it doesn't splinter as easy, add some chest handles I have to the sides for easier transport, and add some more mag latches for the door), but other than that, I think it works pretty well.


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