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Introduction: Label Cable Zip Tie

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I'm not a fan of a large bundle of chargers with no means to identify what product they are for.

China often makes chargers that have no name or ID and once a year I'm either looking all over for a charger that has been thrown away or the wrong voltage or socket... Drives me nuts.... Well it did u till I started using cable ties to organize things.

They are strong, will not come off unless cut off, neat and tidy and can be customized to a verity of sizes.

You will need;

Cable ties
Permanent marker (Thin)
Scissors or male clippers to trim to length and cut off sharp edges.

I'll keep it short and sweet KISS.

Happy organizing


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love it. I was just fighting with unlabeled cords this morning and it was very frustrating. I'm going to do this.

    And I also enjoyed a couple typos in your -ible. :-)