Introduction: Labrador Tea

Labrador Tea has been used for generations by the Native peoples of North America and also in the northern parts of Europe where the Labrador plant grows.The Labrador Plant is an evergreen with medicinal properties.
It's uses range from the common cold,cough,upper respiratory infections to flu symptoms and upset stomach.It is also a common remedy for the effects of a hangover and while not a cure,it helps to alleviate the symptoms.Another use for this tea is to apply to skin sores and eczema to help relieve itching.If a strong enough batch is made it can also be applied to the hair to kill lice.Labrador Tea is also a rich source of Vitamin c,if you are suffering from a bad case of scurvy this is the drink for you ;)

WARNING:If you choose to follow this instructable please follow this link to the toxic effects of this brew:

The tea brewed should be drank in weak doses or watered down as was done in this instructable.Please be sure of the effects of this plant by following the link.
That said this tea is safe in small doses and the benefits are time tested and proven.

Step 1: Locating the Plant

The Labrador plant can be found in the evergreen forest.If you know of a place where the dominant tree species is spruce chances are you will find the plant.The Labrador plant grows out of the moss.Look for a boggy area with plenty of moisture and moss.
In the second picture the plant can be clearly seen protruding out of the snow.

Step 2: Harvesting

Labrador Tea can be found in the Forest,depending on you're region.The Labrador Plant pictured below should be harvested with care,the leaves do grow back on the plant,but at a very slow rate so it is advisable to only pick a few from any given plant then move on to the next and do the same until you have a fair amount.
In the second picture the leaves have been placed in a plastic bread bag for safe keeping.

On to the next step.

Step 3: Brewing:Step One

Now that you have the leaves it's time to brew the Tea.
First fill a pot with water,add the leaves and bring to a boil until the water changes colour to a light green.Strain the water but leave the leaves in the pot as in the second picture Below.

Step 4: Brewing:Step Two

Now you will need to refill the pot with water.
Bring again to a boil and continue boiling until the water turns a yellowish colour as in the second picture.

Step 5: Done

When the water turns to a dark yellow it's time to remove from the stove.Strain out the leaves and pour into a tea pot.
You're done!

DRINKING:While not advisable to drink the tea straight,if you do so be sure to not drink more than 3 tea cups of it.A good rule is to fill a cup 1/3 With the Tea and cap it off with water.Or if you have a bad memory pour 1/3 of the tea in a tea pot and fill the remainder  with water.
Do not drink in excess unless the brew is sufficiently watered down.

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