Introduction: Labview VISA+Arduino Send and Receive 100 Float Values (3 Digit of Precision for Each Value)​

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Labview VISA+Arduino send and receive 100 float values (3 digit of precision for each value) SubVI picture

Step 1: An Introduction

The function of SubVI is a mediator between the Arduino board and Labview program using VISA communication

where as the Arduino board can send and receive 100 floating point values with 3 digit of fractional precision for each value At the same time with labview

Step 2: Material Required

1) Labview Version : 16.0 , 15.0 , 14.0 ,13.0 , 12.0 , 11.0 , 10.0 .

2) NI-VISA you can get it on Labview website

3) Arduino board .

4) Arduino IDE you can get it on Arduino website .

Step 3: Labview+arduino Example

Attached files contains an example that has been applied using Labview VISA+Arduino send and receive 100 float value (3 precision) SubVI :


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Step 4: Video Shows How to Use Labview VISA Interface With Arduino SubVI