Introduction: Lace Lock

A 3D printed plastic device with add-ons that enables and helps one to tie a shoe with a single hand.

Step 1: 3D Printed Instructions

Use this URL to access the STL to 3D print the plastic device. Take the STL to a 3D printer near you and submit it to be printed. The printing should take no longer than an hour. The base plate add-on will be provided to one already built. There will be no need to know how to assemble the base plate for our design.

Step 2: Cross the Laces

The first step to successfully use the Lace Lock is to pre-cross the laces so that it has the initial tie before the bow.

Step 3: Set Up the Device

Place the plastic device at correct level and input the side adapter into the device and base plate. Slide foot on the plate and apply pressure to keep the device stable and immobile while tying the shoe. Balance the plastic device directly on top of the crossed laces if not using the base plate.

Step 4: Place Each Lace Through the Device

Place one lace through each hole and pull taut.

Step 5: Pull Each Lace Back Through the Device

After you have one lace through each hole, send the lace back through and stop once the lace has a "bunny ear" look.

Step 6: Twist the Laces and Tighten

Take the two "bunny ear" loops, twist with your hand and cross to tie the bow.

Step 7: After the Laces Are Tied

Once the laces are tied to your liking detach the add-on. The 3D printed device will stay on the shoe for convenience.

Step 8: While Traveling

The 3D printed plastic device is portable for when one leaves the house. The base plate will be accessible at home. Although the plastic device will be less stable away from home, it is still practical without the base plate.