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Introduction: Lace Bracelets

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Lately I've been intrigued by the look a bit of lace can give to things. When realising that and combining that realisation with the knowledge of having a bit of lace, I started thinking about what I could make with it. At first , I thought about combining it with an other project I've been working on, but that didn't go as planned. A few days later, I was looking for a quick and easy project, and these bracelets are what I came up with.

I'm really glad with how they turned out. They are really comfortable, since they are completely flat. They also match great with anything basically, you can wear just the single bracelet and make it match to your clothes, or add a few more bracelets to your look. I hope you'll like them as well!

Step 1: Materials

To make your own lace bracelet, you will need:

- lace

- 2 lace clips

- 2 jump rings

- a closure

- scissors

- flat nose pliers

Step 2: Cutting

Start by cutting off a piece of lace that's long enough to easily fit around your wrist.

Depending on your lace, there could be a lot of possibilities in cutting your pattern, but I would recommend to follow the thicker, sturdier lines of the lace.

Cut out your pattern and try to leave as little lace as possible still sticking out. You could glue the sides of the lace to prevent it from fraying, but this is something that kinds of depends on your lace, I haven't used glue on mine to keep them as comfortable as possible and haven't had any problems with the lace fraying yet.

Step 3: Pattern Options

Like said before, there could be a lot of possible patterns. Pictured are a few other options with this particular lace, other options could be using only one row, using the middle part, or even combining multiple pieces.

Step 4: Make It Fit

Wrap the cut out lace around your wrist to see how much you will need to cut off. Take into account that there will also be a closure added to this, so when wrapped around your wrist the parts don't need to touch and most certainly don't need to overlap. This makes it possible to look for a certain amount of repeats of your pattern, for example I cut mine just over four arcs so the eventual bracelets exactly has four.

Step 5: Closing

To prevent the ends from fraying and make it possible to add a closure, you'll need to add a lace clip. This could mean you have to cut down the ends a bit to make sure they fit, but that depends on the size of the clip and on the design you chose.

Step 6: Make It Wearable

Using a jump ring, you can join the lace clip and the closure. After that, you can already test fit it!

Step 7: That's It!

Just those 6 simple steps is all it takes to create your very own lace bracelet!

I really hope you liked this project, if you did I'd love to hear and if you tried this out yourself, I'd love to know how it went.

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    So cute and elegant! I will definitely make some. I''m thinking of applying a coat of white-glue and water mixture to stiffen it a little, what do you think?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! :) Sounds like a greata idea, you should definitely try that!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really love this idea! And imagine what a few pastel seed beads would do.....Thank you for sharing!