Introduction: Ladies Baseball Cap

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During the Summer everyone's got thier favorite Baseball cap to throw on when they go outdoors. Lately, I've been seeing lots of cute caps embellished with flowers, lace and rhinestones. I thought I'd try and come up with a pretty cap. This baseball cap is quite feminine and any woman would look great in it.  It's also adjustable, so it will fit anyone.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need: Cotton shirt or 1/2 yard of fabric for hat and 1/3 yard for lining, wonder under fusible webbing, thread. Sewing machine, old canvas baseball cap. straight pins.Seam ripper. scrap fabrics for flower trim.

Step 2: Cut Hat Apart

Take the hat apart at the seams with the seam ripper. You will need the piece of plastic inside the bill to recover. My original cap had 4 rows of stitching on it. You will have to remove this stitching to get the plastic out. Iron the pieces so they are easier to cut out.  

Step 3: Cut Out Hat

There will be 6 pieces for the cap section, (4 regular pie shapes and 2 with a cut-out.) Cut out 2 of the bill section and 2 strips for the velcro.

Step 4: Sew Cap

Sew the cap section together. Press seams open and top stitch.

Step 5: Cover and Sew Bill

Sew bill pieces right sides together. Pin. Stitch around front edge. clip curves. Turn right sid eout. Place plastic inside bill and pin closed. Hand stitch, encasing plastic in bill of cap.

Step 6: Sew Lining

The original cap did not have a lining but it was made out of heavier fabric so I chose to make a lining for this one so it wouldn't be flimsy. Cut out and sew lining the same as cap. Top stitch lining seams also.

Step 7: Sew Velcro Tabs

This type of cap is adjustable and I was able to reuse the velcro from the original cap. If you have to purchase velcro, you will need about 4 inches. Or you could use 2 metal D rings instead.

Step 8: Sew Lining to Cap

Place lining over cap, right sides together. Pin the velcro strips in between, 1/2" from the bottom edge. Stitch around the back curve only. Clip curves and turn right side out. Placing the lining inside the cap. Top stitch around back curve.

Step 9: Attach Bill to Cap

Locate center front of cap and center front of bill. Match up centers and pin. Hand stitch bill to cap section.

Step 10: Hat Band

I was able to reuse the original hat band but if you are not able to, use the old one as a pattern for a new one. Pin hat band to the inside of cap, matching up centers. With the sewing machine sew from the sides of bill to back. Hand stitch to the bill.

Step 11: Flower Embellishment

Take several fabric scraps that match the new hat. Iron on a piece of fusible webbing, paper side up. Peel the paper off and place another piece of fabric over it and iron. Cut out 4 or 5 flower shapes, different sizes. I cut mine out with pinking shears but you can also use the sewing machine to zig-zag around the edges so they don't unravel. Hand sew onto the front of the cap, off to one side. Sew a few small buttons in the center. I used a bit of Mod Podge glue to secure the petals to the cap.

Step 12: Aloha Cap

I found a beautiful Hawaiian shirt that I cut up and constructed a cap out of. It turned out nicely.

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