Lady Gaga Applause Face Paint

Introduction: Lady Gaga Applause Face Paint

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I live for the applause, applause, applause...and you will, too, when you recreate this iconic face paint as worn by Lady Gaga in her 2013 music video for "Applause"!

Note: I searched Lady Gaga and I found the similar make-up shown under HoneySuckle Catering.


Lady Gaga Halloween Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail:

Step 1: Start With White

I began with white paint all over the face. I used Mehron Paradise in White.

Step 2: Blue Shadow

Then, I used two different shades of blue shadow over the eyes. I used the blue shadow from the Wet N Wild Art in the Streets palette, along with the Urban Decay Electric shadow in Chaos.

Step 3: Yellow Streaks

Then, I used a bit of yellow paint (Mehron Paradise) to make messy brush strokes on a few areas of the face.

Step 4: Red & Orange

Then, I used a bit of red lip gloss (Fergie Wet N Wild in Voguing Madness), red paint (Beach Berry from Mehron Paradise) and orange paint (also from Mehron Paradise) to highlight the lips, and stroke on a few more areas on the face.

Step 5: Cap It Off

Finally, I capped it all off...well, literally...with a black wig cap, just like how Lady Gaga wore it in the music video.

Step 6: Applause!

And that's all there is to it!

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    6 years ago

    applause... applause...and You are the winner?
    Looking lovely... gaga