Introduction: Lady Gaga Soda Can Rollers (Telephone Video)

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Gaga Sings:
Hello? hello? baby you called?
I can't hear a thang.....

You probably couldn't hear anything because that outfit is so loud.  But you gotta give props where props is due, and therefore I'm sending all my props in Lady Gaga's direction.  Love her or hate her, she's got a unique look all her own.  So for Halloween.... or maybe like a conservative family get together (note heavy sarcasm), you can use this i'ble to help recreate the famous soda can hair rollers look in her Telephone video.

Step 1: Gather Your Weapons....

When I was preparing to make this instructable, I stared into my bathroom for all the things I would need.  And I just grabbed pretty much every hairspray, eye shadow, bobby pin, makeup brush, and face painting goodies (aka makeup) as I could, shoved them into a suitcase and drove to my friend's house (Im pretty sure my boyfriend was hoping I would never come back home with said bag, as my makeup has engulfed our bathroom...but i digress). 

So below, I have a general list of things you will need. I will get more in depth on the photos of the brands and specific products I am using to achieve this look.

Things you will need:

-A willing model.  Thankfully my friend Christina is already gorgeous to boot, so there was really no way to make her look bad. (You could also do this on yourself, but have a friend help with rolling the hair up)

-4-6 soda cans.  It looks like she uses Diet Coke in the video.... all we had was caffeine free diet coke.... it really doesnt make a difference.  Use Pabts cans for all i care... as long as they are a standard aluminum can, it should work fine.  Be sure to rinse them out real good! No need to have warm, drippy, soda all over your hair and face.

Hair stuff:
-Lots of bobby pins
-Hair Spray
-Clips (to section off the hair)
-Flat Iron
-Optional.... Dry shampoo or hair powder to create texture
-Optional.....Shine spray to finish the hair

-Makeup Brushes
-Setting powder
-Dark maroon lipstick
-Black eyeliner
-False lashes (at least two pair) and eyelash glue
-Eyeshadow Pallet (have at least a neutral pale whitish color, black, and dark brown for brows)
-Optional....highlight and lowlight makeup
-Optional....eyelid primer
-Optional...eyelash curler

Overall Look:
-Leather Jacket
-Hardware (For this look, we used a cool necklace)

Step 2: Prepping the Hair....

We are digging in deep folks and we are going to start off with the hair.  Section off the hair into about 4-6 different sections.  It may require more cans depending on how thick the hair is, however I find that a given head might not accommodate more than 5 or 6 cans. 

Section off a chunk of hair on the top of the head, two on the side, and the rest can be pinned to the back.  You want an asymmetrical look.

Once you have the whole head sectioned off, prep the hair with product to give it some texture.  If the hair is "too clean", it can be hard to work with since the hair can be pretty slippery.

I lightly spray the dry shampoo to the roots and then use the teasing brush and gently backcomb to create lift and volume. 

Step 3: Recycling Time and Getting the Hair Did....

I knew from looking at the cans that if I rolled the hair around the can, there would be no way that it would stay, so being the genius that I am (Im soooo not a genius) I poked holes into the side of the can with the nail, and threaded a bobby pin through it.

Using this as a clip, I pinned the can to section of hair.

Once the can was in place, I then rolled the hair around the can and pinned it accordingly. 

Step 4: Spray Spray Spray!!!!!

Once you have gotten all the cans in... its time to spray that head! 

I use hairspray first to hold it down, followed by a shine spray to make it glossy

Step 5: Time to Put on Your Face

Make sure the face is nice and clean, and moisturized to start.  I then start applying base layers of makeup.

I started with using a highlight creme on the bridge and top of the nose.  I then filled in the sides with a dark low light color. If you don't have the fancy stuff.... you can always use a little eyeshadow at the end to create that extra bit of depth.  This also makes the nose look really narrow.  Now I have a huge nose, and there is no amount of low light/high light in the world that will fix that.  now im sad......

For the face, you can apply your foundation as you normally would... below I describe what I've done on Christina....

Concealer under the eyes is thuper important!  I usually apply concealer with my ring finger and gently pat under the eye, or I use a concealer brush like i did here on Christina.

I then applied a layer of mineral foundation.  Remember to apply mineral powder in a buffing motion, rather than "brushing" it on the face.  Working it in a tight circular motion helps to create a really flawless look. :)  Finish the face off with a setting powder. 

(this is a good time to apply a light, shimmery line of eyeshadow on the bridge of the nose if you don't have a highlighting cream)

Step 6: My, What Large Brows You Have

In the video, Gaga has a really thick, exaggerated brow.  I used a brow brush and liberally applied dark brown eyeshadow over her eyebrows.  Use short strokes and fill in the brow.  Try and avoid using long strokes. 

I gave her a sharp arch...and ta dah!

I probably could have gone closer to the bridge of her nose in retrospect.  But it still looks great.

Step 7: Oh Hai Eyeballs.

Its a pretty simple eye look.  I find that a lot of Gaga's looks revolve around the outfit and the attitude, rather than really complex makeup looks.  This is no exception.  Her eyes are rather simple, with a heavy emphasis on the eyeliner.

To start, I used a light color as the base.  For Christina, I blended a beige and an ivory color.  Shes got amazing skin color, so to use just the ivory would have been too light. Blend the light color all over the top lid up to the brow.

Use a brush that has a nice point to it.  For this application, I used a Nars brush to apply the black eyeshadow.  Pick up some color (but not too much!) and tap the excess shadow off the brush...this helps to keep the excess black powder off of her cheek.

Starting from the outer corner or the eye, shade the corners and work up into the crease of the eye.  You want to stay on the outer corners and try to avoid bringing the pigment or shadow beyond center of the eye.

Use a full rounded tip brush and blend the color.

Step 8: Applying Zee Eyeliner

You can use a pencil, liquid liner, whatever you feel most comfortable with.  For Christina, I used a cream liner. 

Using a clean liner brush, I dipped my brush tip into my cream liner, and took the excess liner off on my palm, and ensured that I am starting with a sharp brush. 

I know its tempting to start drawing a line in, however you wanna avoid this.  Instead, press the brush into the lash line, lift, and do this all across the lash line.  You want to connect many short lines together rather than trying to paint on one giant line of eyeliner.  You want to have a thin line at the inner corner of the eye, and thicken the line as you reach the outer corners of the eye.

When you get to the outermost corner, create a crisp winged line that extends straight out.  If you wanted a more "cat eyed" look, bring that line up a bit at a slight angle.

Line the bottom lid the same way.... For this look, I stopped at the middle of the lid, rather than line the entire bottom lash line.

Once the liner is applied, I used a shimmery ivory cream pencil and applied it to the inner corners of the eye. This brightens the eye and also creates a little bit of depth.   Blend in  around the corners. You can use a brush or your fingers

Step 9: Pucker Those Lips!

Apply maroon lipstick.  I have another i'ble on how to wear red lipstick that shows some tips on application and lip prep if you were interested. 

Step 10: Those Aren't Spiders, Those Are Fake Eyelashes!

To really make the eyes look exaggerated, I used two pairs of fake lashes for each eye. 

First, trim the length of the lashes so that they aren't too long. 

Apply a thin layer of lash glue.  Wait about 30 seconds or longer for the glue to get tacky.  Then carefully apply it to the base of the lash line.  Press down gently and make sure that the the lash is even.  This may take some practice, but once you've got it.... it only becomes easier to apply the next one.

Repeat this step on the same eye.  you want to use two lashes layered upon each other to create that really thick lash line. 

Repeat on the other eye.

Curl the lashes if you wish.  This helps to blend your lashes with the false ones.  Mascara is optional too, but recommended.

Step 11: MOLE!

Gotta put the mole on her face!!

Step 12: Picture Time!!!!!

grab a leather jacket, a phone, and have some fun!

Step 13: Pat Yourself on the Back for a Job Well Done!

::::pat pat pat:::::