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Introduction: Lady White-trash Thor

About: I am a graphic artist during the day and at night, I create soul food. Cosplay is a joy is my passion. Illustration has been placed on hold since the "2020 dumpster fire" of year. I'm working on it

Some good friends and I were one day walking around Target and saw some overalls and thought after many giggles and general shenanigans White trash Thor.

So, this anime convention was coming up in a week and I decided to build and complete my White-trash Thor. I cannot tell you how much of a kick everyone got out of the costume.

The best part? Since this was to be trashy, it was fast, fun and messy. You get extra points if it looked bad.

I really had a fantastic time wearing this costume too!!!! Highly suggest.

Step 1: Supplies

Supply list

Thor's Hammer

  • sign wooden stake
  • gorilla glue
    • (optional) => hot glue (high temp)
    • (optional) => small squares of cardboard

  • mini keg
  • original silver duck tape
  • white primer spray paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • gold leaf paint
  • clear polyurethane spray paint
  • fine grain sandpaper
  • painter's tape (any tape that you can use as masking tape)
  • news paper (also used for masking off areas)


  • cheap ball cap. (If you could get one of those trucker caps with the plastic grid for the back half, extra points)
  • silver and gold metallic spray paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • thick craft foam (wings)
  • hot glue (high temperature)
  • cheap blond extensions or wig material (I found mine at a dollar stare)
  • cheap hair rollers (also found in a dollar store)
  • heavy hairspray or clear polyurethane spray paint (to set the hair)

Main Costume

  • undershirt/tank top (I chose blue colored)
  • blue over shirt (off shoulder shirt from Walmart)
  • blue jean shorts (also from Walmart)
  • royal blue pantyhose
  • original silver duck tape
  • red flannel shirt
  • mud boots (use anything that you might think goes with the "white trash" theme


  • silver metallic duck tape
  • previous fabric wrist guards

Step 2: Thor's Mini-keg Hammer

Prepare keg/ handle

  1. drain / drink the contents of the keg
  2. cut the underside of the keg out just big enough for the wooden stake to slip in. Make it a tight fit
  3. clue the blunt end of the stake and have it hit up against the inner side of the keg. Let that set.
  4. I would also glue the outside edge of the keg to the wooden stake coming out.


  1. used duck tape to create a simple pattern down the handle. since this is "TRASH" Thor, I did not get complicated. The crappier the better.

Prepare/Primer/Design on keg

  1. mask off the main areas you want to paint with tape and newspaper
  2. sand off areas to be painted with the fine sandpaper
  3. spray on white primer
  4. remove masking material
  5. wait 48 hours to set
  6. paint design with the gold leaf and black acrylic or with what ever you desire
  7. optional => thought about doing an image transfer with a gel medium but ran out of time. food for thought
  8. spray clear polyurethane to set the surface and protect it. I would do multiple coats

Step 3: Wig/ Headpiece

Prepare/Setup Ball Cap

  1. small warning => make sure the cap is a little bigger than your head. the paint will shrink the cap when all is said and done.
  2. do a small pass of either primer or silver spray paint onto to cap surface. let it completely dry. repeat light passes for about 3 times otherwise the cap will soak up too much without the benefits
  3. really pray off the cap to desired saturation

Attaching Hair/Curling rolls

  1. attach loose blond extensions to the inside of the rim to the cap
  2. roll up the locks of hair into rollers and hot glue them to the cap
  3. either set the rollers with heavy hairspray or with clear polyurethane.
  4. braided in the back and wrapped around to create a bun then set with hot glue

Wings Prepare/ Paint/ Finish

  1. cut 2 identical wings out of thick foam sheets
  2. spray paint with gold (did about 5 cats)
  3. paint in detail with black acrylic
  4. finished off with clear polyurethane (about 3 coats)

Finish Hat

  1. attach wings to cap with hot glue

Step 4: Main Costume

Wrist cuffs

  • tap on silver duck tape to existing cuffs or just make them completely out of the duck tape

Silver circles

  • attach 2 stripes together, slightly overlapping
  • trace circles
  • cut circles
  • slap onto loose over shirt

Finishing/ Attaching Cape

  • Had to decrease the space from elbow to middle of flannel in the back. (I myself sewed it up again)
  • attached the sleeve ends to the shoulders of the under shirt with duck tape

Step 5:

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    7 years ago

    This is my kind of costume. Sometimes it's better to go simple and clever. This is both of those!


    Reply 7 years ago

    WOW. Thank you so much.


    7 years ago

    This is brilliant and original. I think I may adopt your vision and become Captain Murica with a trash can lid shield. Maybe I can create the trailer park avengers.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Oh my, this needs to happen! Do it! Do it! : D


    Reply 7 years ago



    Reply 7 years ago

    HAHAHHAHAH That would be amazing. If you do it, please take pictures. i would love to see how it turned out.


    7 years ago

    Sac-Anime by chance?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Actually, Akon Dallas, TX. Good call though, definitely anime con.