Lady and the Tramp Hoodies




Introduction: Lady and the Tramp Hoodies

HAVE HEAT PRESS. a sweatshirt and heat transfer vinyl AND VINYL CUTTER!

Step 1: Step 1.) Look Online for Image

Find Your Lady and Tramp photos

Step 2: Step 2.) Upload Saved Image

trace and cut your image on a curio

Step 3: Step 3.) Weed Vinyl

remove extra vinyl that's around your image

Step 4: Step 4.) Tools

weed out the inside detail lines around the image

Step 5: Step 5.) Get Heat Press Ready


Step 6: 9.) How Long and Time

Heat press your image at 330 for 20 seconds

Step 7: 7.) Sheet

Make sure to have the teflon sheet over your hoodie and image so it will say and not stick to the to of the heat press

Step 8: 8.) Cooling

let cool for a couple of seconds then peel off the plastic coating to where it looks like the complete image above

Step 9: 9.) Additional Text (optional)

Type in what you want it to say I put His Lady Her Tramp

Step 10: 10.) Cutting

Cut the words out on your curio to look like this or whatever font you choose

Step 11: 11.) Final Step

Then when you have finished it should look like this or if you want you can put the words on the back.

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