Introduction: Laid Back IPad Stand

Do you sometimes wish for a more laid back angle to your iPad on a desk/table, especially when using it for drawing/painting with the pencil in landscape mode?

Well, here’s a simple DIY stand you can easily make for those times from an old flexible-plastic single-piece CD-cover. It’s perhaps not as steady as it could be if properly manufactured, but I find it to be quite adequate till something better comes along for me.

Step 1:

The set of 4 images above should be self-explanatory, but I've added some pointers below that might be useful to some.

1. Make sure the CD-cover has a full spine. Some have just a couple of tabs for this, top and bottom, which would yield just one for your stand, leaving it quite wobbly. However, this ‘may’ be adequately addressable with some sort of sticky tape

2. I set my cutting point at the spine 1cm. off-centre so that I’d have at least 2 optional angles to choose from. For the record here, I prefered the ‘taller’ of my 2 options, and discarded the one with the shallower angle

3. Your CD-cover probably has little snap-locks near the two open corners, to hold it shut when closed. Try to include one of these into the retainer nub meant to keep your iPad from sliding off the stand, so that it can be snapped shut when not in use

4. I used a hacksaw blade freehand to cut the case, starting at an angle, and then shifting to quick and short vertical strokes. Plastic burrs left over at the cut edges can be trimmed off with a sharp knife, or seared down with a gas lighter flame