Lamar Van Dusen



  • Lamar Van Dusen : The environment consists of all terrestrial and marine biodiversity, that is to say all the animals and plants and the ecosystems in which they operate cash. These natural resources are essential to the life of the human race and the Earth. Green lizard Human activities degrade the environment: taking resources without concern for their renewal, deforestation, eradication of animal and plant species, water pollution, soil, air ... and threaten the survival of all. Some resources, such as fossil fuels are not renewable and are consumed on a massive scale, while supplies: In addition, all stages of their operations and their consumption are extremely harmful to the environment. Renewable resources are consumed without concern for their reproduction, habitat biodiversity are destroyed gradually, animal and plant species mainly threatened, endangered or already extinct way, massive releases of greenhouse gases are warming the planet very quickly and permanently ... the state of biodiversity and the level of pollution of the Earth are very disturbing. The implement of daily actions to reduce waste, limit pollution, conserve resources ... in order to preserve to sustain life on Earth environmental challenge of sustainable development aims. Protecting the environment requires political will, strong involvement of businesses, governments, of all citizens, a change in attitudes and behavior change of all.