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Introduction: Lamp Hidden Compartment

Ive always wanted somewhere to stash my money and stuff and always loved messing around and looking for and making secret compartments.

To me the perfect compartment has to be easily accseible so you can get to it in a rush and over the years ive found that the best ones are hidden in front of people (seriously...right under peoples noses always works best)
The lamp works really well because its simple and it can sit in the view of everyone and personally ive always wondered why this space isnt used anyway..??

Ive entered this instructable in the secret compartment contest and id really appreciate a vote.;)

What you need

-ceramic lamp
-fabric bag or sock
-elastic band
-your stash

Step 1: Choosing the Lamp

For the compartment to work the lamp has to be hollow.! But that really reduces the cost factor so thats a good thing..:)
The cheap ceramic lamps are perfect for this..! there hollow, there cheap and they look and work perfect.
I got mine for a fiver in a pound shop and that included the shade so I was sold..! :)

Step 2: Check What You Have

On most of these types of lamps the cover on the bottoms usually a foam pad thats glued on.
This also worked perfectly for the project.

Step 3: The Cover

I removed the foam CAREFULLY (make sure not to rip it or it wont work)
The glue on pad was tacky so the pad was easy to take on and off again.
if its not on yours just get some self adhesive velcro straps :)
Cut them to the size you need and make sure its hidden..also make sure the lamp sits dont want a bend lamp.! that would look odd..:)
If your lamp doesnt even have a foam cover just remove whatever it does have and cut up some foam and just use the velcro.! :)

Step 4: The Compartment

The size of the lamp determines the size of the compartment. (who knew.?)
The edges of the hole in the bottom of the lamp are a little rough, you could file it off and smooth it out but I didnt see the need.
Check out the inside of the lamp clean it if you need to but I doubt you will.:)
The cable runs through the lamp but just push it to the side and out of the way.

Step 5: Your Secret Stash

All I wanted to hide was some stuff I had lying around. You can put whatever you want in here as long as it will fit. Or just get a bigger lamp..:)

Step 6: The Bag

I put it in a soft fabric bag so that if the lamp was picked up it wouldnt rattle around and give it away.:)
If you dont have one just put it in a sock it would pretty much work the same.:)

Step 7: Put It in the Bag

Put all your stash in it and wrap it up.
Again make sure it fits through the gap at the bottom of the lamp.

Step 8: Wrap It

Make sure to wrap it up tight.
Again it reduces the rattle that could give it away.:)
Use some string or like I did an elastic band to wrap it uo tight.
If your using the sock just do the same thing.. (use a clean one.!)

Step 9: Stash Your Goods

Put everything into the compartment in the lamp and seal it back up. You can try and wedge it in there or push some cloth in behind it to wedge it to reduce the rattle altogether but even when i had finished and sealed it up there was nearly no rattle so I just left it..:)

Step 10: Place the Lamp

When your done just put the lamp back.
Or if its new just put it somewhere and your done.:)

Just a word of advice if its new leave it a while before putting your stash in it.
People are usually drawn to new things and more than likely they pick it up and check it out.:/ so wait till the newness wares off then stash the goods..:)

job done.:)

Hope you enjoyed the instructable and if its not to much hassle i would appreciate a vote in the secret compartment contest.:)

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    7 years ago

    Very clever! I'm going to try it.


    9 years ago on Step 10

    good old fashioned stash trick it