Introduction: Lamp to Speaker Tower

I couple years ago I got a lamp at a garage sale and never really used it. So I decided to turn it into some actually useful and this is what I came up with.....a speaker tower!!

Step 1: Get Supplies

First you need to get the stuff you need. ~Pliers ~Screw Drivers (Different sizes) ~Hot Glue Gun (you can use regular glue but this seemed to work well) ~Speakers ~Copper wire ~Soldering Kit ~A piece of styrofoam (you don't need it now but you might want it eventually if you want a stand for your Ipod) ~Stereo Phone Plug ~Female Crimp-on things (Got these and the phone plug at Radio Shack

Step 2: Gutting the Lamp

Before you can go in and start putting things on the lamp you have to gut it. I started with taking out the light bulbs and their sockets. Once this was done I cut off the wall plug and pull the rest of the wire out the bottom using the pliers.

Step 3: Connect Wire to Plug

So now that you have the empty shell of the lamp cut the wire to shape and connect the wire to the phone plug. I found soldering was good because it was fairly easy and pretty reliable.

Step 4: Connect Wire to Speaker

Before I could connect the wire to the speakers I had to string it through the lamp. Once the wire was in I used the pliers to pull it back out of the holes that the old wire was in. Now I was able to connect the wire to the speaker. I first connected the word to the crimp-on things, thinking that I would be able to take them off the speakers if needed. But the crimp-on things kept on falling off, so I decided to just solder the wire onto it. And that worked so I did the same on the second speaker.

Step 5: Attaching Speakers

Now it all connected so I took it for a test run and it worked! So next I put the speaker in the lamp and screwed three screw into it to hold the speaker in.

Step 6: Making Stand

The last thing I did was make a stand for my iPod out off styrofoam, using a razor knife to cut it to shape. And lastly hot glued it into the lamp.

Step 7: Your Done!!

Finally your finished it took me about 3 hours to make but you were probably faster because I was making up as I went. Now screw everything back together, plug in your iPod, and sit back and enjoy your music!!

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