Introduction: Lamp Shade

I saw this lamp on
It had no files attached and no setting for the laser cutter.

I remade the lamp birch in illustrator and gave it my personal touch

Step 1: Materials and Settings

Materials I used:

Medium wood

Tools I used:

Universal laser cutter

Settings fot laser cutter:
Choose the right wood
Rest of the settings remain the same (see picture)

The blue print is made in illustrator and is also attached.
The vector lines are now in RGB red (255-0-0) and the line thickness is 0.0254

Step 2: Assemble

When the laser cutter was finished I had to assemble the lamp shade.

First problem I had was the long parts of the shade were fitting exactly in the holes but fell out every time. So I had to glue them to make sure they didn't fall out.

Step 3: Assemble More

keep going until all holes are filled.

Step 4: Finish

Put the shade on a lamp and voilla!

Step 5: Look at That!

Step 6:

the awful smell will stay a long time! :(

Step 7: Blue Print

Here the blue print to use!