Introduction: Lamp for a USB LED Light Bulb

About a year ago I purchased a USB LED light bulb. The light is handy, it can be powered from my PC USB port or from a power bank, but the light was a bit harsh on the eyes. What I wanted was a nice table lamp so I could use it on my desk or to have for a power outage. I discovered that the base of the light bulb fit inside of a 3/4 PVC coupling. So I made a wood base, cut down a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe, painted it... and boom, I had a handy table lamp.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1) USB LED Light Bulb
2) Lamp shade
3) 3/4" PVC pipe, cut to desired length
4) 3/4" PVC coupling (bought at Home Depot for 28 cents)
5) Piece of scrap wood... 1x4" or 1x6", etc.
6) Self-stick furniture felt pads
7) Paint (optional)

Step 2: Tools Needed

1) Drill with a 1" drill bit
2) Saw
3) Sand paper
4) Pipe cutter (or just use your saw)
5) Dremel with sander attachment (optional, but it makes the task much easier)

Step 3: Cut, Drill, and Paint

1) Cut the piece of scrap wood to make a square piece.
2) Drill a hole in the center of the wood base using the 1" drill bit
3) Cut PVC pipe to desired length (about ~18" seems to work nice), sand down ends
4) Gently sand hole in wood base so PVC pipe fits snuggly inside
5) Paint the base/pipe (optional)

Step 4: Add Felt Pads and Assemble

1) Attach self-stick felt pads to bottom of base (this gives room for the USB wire)
2) Attach PVC coupling to PVC pipe
3) Run wire from USB light through top of lamp, top off with the shade
4) Plug into a USB power source... boom, you have light.