Lamp Made Out of 2177 Plastic Bottle Caps

Introduction: Lamp Made Out of 2177 Plastic Bottle Caps

           I made a lamp with a unique design, that spreads a nice, various light, in different colors. The lamp was made out of a lot of plastic bottle caps, 2177 to be exact.
           I begun from the idea of making a useful object, using recyclabe materials, that are available to everyone.
           I chose plastic bottle caps because it's easy to handle them, they let light shine, and even though I knew I will be using a lot, the final product wasn't heavy.
           Because of the caps small size, I could create, sticking one by one, interesting shapes, of different colors and intensities. This lamp offers a nice sensation both when it's on, due to the various light that it offers through the colors' games, and when it's off, making the place where it is more beautiful, being an environmental object.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty cool! I collect coca-cola caps so this would be up my alley. What did you use for your adhesive?