Introduction: Lampshade From Coffee Grounds

Coffee is one of the world's favorite drinks. The amount of coffee waste is very high. In this Instructables I want to show you how to make the environmentally friendly, very light and strong enough lampshade from recycled coffee grounds. This method is very easy and can be used to make many other things.

Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Material

You need:
dry coffee grounds,
glue PVA,
a container,
a stick,
a balloon,
a palette knife,
a awl,
a LED light source (a light bulb LED, a cartridge, wire, a plug, a box),
varnish (optional).

Step 2: Mixing Coffee Grounds and PVA

Pour dry coffee grounds into the container.

Add some glue and mix using the stick until you get an uniform soft mass.

Step 3: Creating Spherical Shape

Inflate the balloon and tie it with the rope.

Using the palette knife, apply the mass to the surface of the balloon in a thin uniform layer. Layer thickness depends on the size of the lampshade: the bigger the lampshade the thicker the layer. After drying, the surface will become a little thinner. Do not cover where the balloon is tied (through this hole you will pull out the balloon and insert the bulb).

Make small holes using the stick and let it dry very well.

Untie the balloon and pull out through the hole.

Step 4: Final Details

Using scissors trim the edge of the big hole.

Using the awl make the edges of the small holes even.

Varnish the lampshade for better protection.

Prepare LED light source.

Connect the lampshade with the light source (I glued) and enjoy of the work done.

Step 5: Additional Information

You can make beads from the mass prepared in the second step: roll a ball with the help of cling film and run a needle through to the other side. You can also make beads in the shape of coffee beans - press a little, using a palette knife or scissors make a groove (don't forget to make a hole inside). Then let it dry very well. Varnish.

You can also use the molds to make any other objects - just fill the demountable mold with the mass and let it dry well. Then you can drill, grind, paint the objects.

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