Introduction: Landcruiser Floor Replacement

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Lost your iPhone through the rust hole in your floor? Replace your floor pan! Okay so this section of floor pan is under the fuel tank but you get the picture irregardless

Step 1: What You'll Need

Skill A cutoff wheel and some spinny apparatus Some air tool oil (oil daily!) Gloves Hear protectors Goggles swimming or otherwise (usually not swimming goggles)

Step 2: New Pan and Fire Extinguisher

Always have an extinguisher at hand. Don't want to burn the car down!!!! Also know how to use an extinguisher. To practice aim nozzle down a Pal's pants and pull trigger. It's funny. You'll also need to find a floor section. Fortunately we have connections!

Step 3: Oh You Need Spray Paint or a Pencil

Drop the new pan in and trace around it so you know where it will fit. You're gonna cut so there will be a lip left so the pan fits in just perfect

Step 4: Start Cutting

Wear boots

Step 5: Clean Up Edges With a Grinder

Make me nice and smoothlike. It sucks to cut yourself

Step 6: Drop in the New Pan Section!

Grind the edges clean so your welds will stick and not become contaminated by paint vapors

Step 7: Tack It in Place and Paint! Sealing the Seam With Rubberized Undercoating Will Keep Water Out

Prime and paint and reassemble the interior. Make sure you have started no fires and you're done! As good as new! I've left off the welding part for some other time. Welding takes practice and good welding takes training. It's especially difficult on thin body sheet metal.