Introduction: Lanyard for HTC Desire HD

This instructable will show you how to attach a lanyard to the HTC Desire HD without damaging the phone.

You will need:

2mm drill
Lanyard with the string loop
Desire HD Otter Box Commuter Series Cases
HTC Desire HD

Step 1: Take the Case Apart

The otter box comes in two parts, a rubber impact part and an outer plastic shell.  For the moment remove the rubber part and put aside.  You only need to drill the hard plastic shell.

Looking down at the bottom of the shell you can see that there is a wider part on the left.  This is the bit we will drill into.

Step 2: Drilling the Holes

Drill the 1st hole (left one in photo)  on the curve, not on the bottom as the weight of the phone will open the bottom clip.  To line it up, drill just after the X of Box.  The 2nd hole (Right in photo) should be between the 1st hole and the edge of the case.  The case is not that hard, I didn't use a drill, just the drill bit in my fingers.

Step 3: String the Lanyard

Place the string part of the lanyard through the 1st hole then back out the 2nd hole. Make sure that there is no crossover of the strings inside the case (Photo 1)

Step 4: Put It All Together

You now have a HTC Desire HD with a lanyard