Introduction: LapStat - the Laptop Thermostat

LapStat is the thermostat for your laptop! It uses two temperature sensors for each side of your laptop to measure the temperature of your laptop. Then, it controls the speed of two fans to cool your computer down. The fans are more powerful than the ones in an average laptop so it cools your laptop faster which gives you better performance.

Step 1: The Parts:

1. 1x Plastic body

2. 2x PC fans

3. 2x Thermistors

4. 1x Arduino

5. Jumper cables. Both male and female

6. 2x Mosfet IRF520N

7. 2x Diodes

8. 2x 220 ohm resistors

7. 1x Small breadboard

8. 1x Battery box

9. 2x Rechargeable batteries

10. 1x Power adapter

11. Hot glue

12. Some cardboard

13. Arduino IDE

Step 2: Connect the Thermistors:

First, you need to connect the thermistors so you can measure your laptop's temperature. You need 6 jumper cables, the resistors, the thermistors, the breadboard and the Arduino. Use the diagram to do it.

Step 3: Connect the Motor Driver:

To make the fans move, you need a motor driver. I prefer the Mosfet motor drivers. They are small, powerful, and cheap. Use the diagram to wire it properly. NOTE: WIRE THEM PROPERLY, IF NOT, THEY MAY EXPLODE!

Step 4: Connect the Motors to the Motor Driver:

Now, you need to connect the motors to the motor driver. There are two connectors on either side of the motor driver. Remember to plug in the red cable into the positive hole and the black cable into the negative hole.

Step 5: Add Everything Into the Base:

Now, you need to make it look cleaner and make it strong enough to support a laptop above it. First off, put the fans in the place of the base that you want them to be in. I also outlined the place where they go so I don't forget. Look at the picture to see how I attached everything together. Pull all of the loose strands of hot glue to make it neater.

Step 6: Upload the Code to the Arduino:

Now to make it work, you need to upload the code to the Arduino. Here is the code, I commented it so you can understand: