Laptop Cooler

Introduction: Laptop Cooler

This is my first custom made laptop cooler. This is a replacement to a recently bought generic laptop cooler. The problem is that the fans are too small and being powered from the laptop's usb port, it did not had a lot of power. So I planned to just make one out of the laptop's box.

Buying the materials was easy and cheap. 

80mm Fans
Laptop Box
3m wire
Glue Gun and Paste

Assembly was not planned so I can't make a step-by-step procedure. And the aerodynamics was not done by an expert (because I'm not an expert at it). I just placed one fan for air intake and another fan to blow air out from the box directed underneath the laptop. And another fan to assist the laptop's exhaust vent.

I also replaced the power source from USB power to a power adapter from a broken laptop. Although the fans need 12 volts, the adapter's output is 19 volts. The brand of each fan is the same because when I tried using different brands, they just burned. How they managed that extra power is something I don't know, but they make a great addition because the fans are more powerful. 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    After adding the load, the voltage will drop, but the 19v still high. Cooling effect is OK?
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