Laptop Cooler / Graphic Card Model

Introduction: Laptop Cooler / Graphic Card Model

This is a model of GTX 470 with a working fan,its is supposed to be a laptop cooler (air extracting fan)
Air enters through the side when the flap is lift and escapes through the top and the other side(front)
Sorry for the poor painting,i do not have the paint and skills to do it, I only have a oil based marker :P

Step 1: Instructions

What is needed :
Planning(If you don't plan,You are planing to fail ;P)
Actual stuff needed
Scissors (to cut the cardboard)
Usb with ends trimmed
Marker or paint (Prefer black,green or red depends on whether you making
an Nvdia or Ati graphic card,those with the top blocked by the casing is easier (Y) )

How to do:
Download a picture of a prefered graphic card
Follow the shape of it
Fold the cardboard,do not cut parts of it and glue it back
Cut 2 sides of the fan(do not throw away the sides/pillars)
Connect the wire together(solder them,I tied them together)
Check where your vent and usb is situated on your laptop
,and follow along(Cut the flap where the vent is and poke the usb through where it is)
Next is to leave the other side closed and add in extra details,paint it better 
Then you shall have a GTX 470 for your LAPTOP and it its not only nice looking but also usefull

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    If I may make a suggestion. 2 fans are better than one. My cooler master had 2 fans that I could move around to where ever I needed them. But unfortunately the usb that connected to my laptop is what broke for me. That is what I am trying to fix.

    It has been suggested glueing it back. I might try it. Because it sure did a good job of keeping my laptop cool. Where as the new one I bought Thermaltake only has 1 large fan, and the blades are flimsy plastic. If I can get the cooler master to work again this Thermaltake is going back.

    You are on the right track add that extra fan and I think you will be happier.