Introduction: Laptop Cooling Pad DIY | Awesome Life Hacks With CPU Fan | Creative Ideas | Computer Fan

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You need to watch this video until its end. for understanding the video.

Step 1: CPU Cooling Fan

You need 5, 12V CPU Cooling Fans

you can buy CPU fan it from here:

Step 2: Fan Connection

Connect all CPU Fan's in Parallel.

Step 3: You Will Need a USB Cable for Power

You can use old Micro USB to USB Cable

Step 4: Cut the Cable

Cut the cable and after tha you will need only two wires

1. Black [GND]

2. Red [+5v]

Step 5: Connections

Connect the +ve of the USB to the +ve of the fan

and -ve to the -ve of the fan.

Step 6: Measure the Fan Voltage.

I have connected the USB to the power bank and then I measured the voltage.

it is about 4.7 v not 12v

Step 7: So, We Need Step Up Boost Converter

It will increase the voltage to our need Voltage 12V

Step Up Boost Converter:

Step 8: Boost Converter Connection

Connect the vin +ve and -ve to the USB cable

and also connect outgoing wires.

Step 9: Voltage Adjustment

Now Rotate the Potentiometer of the Boost converter And Take it to 12v

Step 10: Connection With Fans

Now Connect boost converter outgoing wires to the fan.

Step 11: You Can See the Fan Is Rotating at Its Max Speed.

it will cool down your pc faster than you buy online for cooling pad

Step 12: Ready for Using