Introduction: Laptop Cooling Stand From Cardboard

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Hello,this is my First Instructables.I have made a Laptop Cooling Stand from Cardboard which I got from old Fabric Packet.This also has a BLDC Fan for Cooling and proper ventilation of laptop.This stand can be mounted at various angles for different viewing angles with help of 4 brackets.


  1. Cardboard
  2. BLDC Fan-(you can get inside a cpu or online)
  3. 9V Battery
  4. Cutter
  5. Fevicol or any Adhesive
  6. Paint(Optional)

Step 1: Making Base Structure

First Measure and Cut the Cardoard according to size of your laptop.

I have Bent the Cardoard to Give it a 'V' Shape.

Also Cut a Circle for installing the Fan.

Step 2: Making the Brackets

I have cut two 10*10cm and two 10*5cm cardboard rectangles.

Then I increased the thickness by Bending it and Gluing it.

Step 3: Cutting the Brackets

Take the Cutter and Cut the sections accordingly so rackets can fit inside the Main Cardboard Structure.

Step 4: Add Laptop Limiter

Add a 4*30cm limiter to Stand so that your laptop won't slip from stand.

I just Glued it to Main Structure.

Step 5: Install the Fan

Place the fan in the Cutted Circle and Glue it.

And Glue 4 Spacers(4 small squares of Cardboard) at corner of stand so that laptop has a ventilation.

Step 6: Attach the Brackets to Stand

Attach the brackets to the stand According to your Viewing Angle and On the Fan.

So your Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand is Ready.

Step 7: Paint the Stand(OPTIONAL)

So paint the stand with your Favorite Color.

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