Introduction: Laptop Hinge Hack

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My laptop screen hinges gave out. I came up with this fix which on this site is the first attempt using hot glue. I ultimately used Gorrila Glue instead...and is holding months later.

Step 1: Get Lid Support

Buy a lid support at a local hardware store. This one is 7.5"...a bit too large for my laptop.

Step 2: Get APPROPRIATE Lid Support

This lid support has a sliding piece with a screw and washers for smooth movement. If you take the washers out, the screw will act as a tensioner, limiting or completely eliminating sliding.

Step 3: Take Screw Out and Start Squishing

You can get thumb screws in nearly any size, but squashing the head of a screw in a vise to make your own is so much more fun (see photo 2).

Step 4: Prepare Your Work Area

For this practice run I used hot glue....the final hack will use A/B epoxy or similar adhesive. (Actually I ended up using Gorilla Glue. Still holding months later!)

Step 5: Scuff Surface

Scuffing the surface helps glue/epoxy adhere. It gives it something to "stick" to.

Step 6: Glue Base to Laptop Body

This part is easy- you glue the base of the lid support to the furthest point closest to the old hinge....meaning as far "back" as possible. Don't forget to allow for clearance of the little pivot point that holds the arm and base together....too far in and the lid won't close. Notice it is a bit off to the right?

Step 7: Glue Slider to Lid

This is a bit probably want to be closer-than-center to the hinge end of the laptop. This will allow for the the lid to be open or closed in the most amount variable positions. You don't want to be too far one way or the other, but I found that one width of the slider towards the lid hinge from center of the lid is optimal.

Step 8: Re-assemble Screw/slider

Once the slider is fixed to the lid, reassemble the "thumb" screw and lockback (a metal washer would work too) Use the thumb screw to loosen or tighten as needed for positions.
Notice the luxurious brassness? That's high class.

Step 9: Final Thoughts

I am going to use better adhesive as stated in previous step. Hot glue doesn't cut it as a permanent fix. Although it worked great to test the hack. I am sure A/B epoxy or "JB Weld" will work MUCH better. Maybe even small screws, but I am afraid to start screwing into my laptop. Hope you enjoyed.

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