Laptop Propper-Upper

Introduction: Laptop Propper-Upper

Watching Netflix in bed was way more difficult than it had to be! I always had to prop up a pillow to try and get the right angle on my screen. This problem encouraged me to build something that propped up my computer; hence the propper-upper. The main surface is sloped to allow the computer to be viewed at an optimal viewing angle, along with a side surface for snacks, drinks, and other objects. Little experience is needed to make, and builder only needs knowledge of how to use saws and nail guns. The project takes about 2 hours to build and costs about $20 for all materials. All materials can be found easily at any local hardware, or possibly in your garage! A very unproblematic structure to make, and the only difficulty is putting together the side table.

Step 1: Materials



2x4ft plywood

5 3/4x6ft Cedar

Step 2: Tools

-Table saw

-Nail gun

-Screw driver

-Compound Miter Saw

Step 3: Measure and Cut Sides

Cut the cedar board at 15in. After, take that piece of wood and measure 2 in. from one of the short ends along the edge of the end. Do the same thing at the opposite end, cutting 2 in. from the opposite corner towards the middle. Connect the two marks and cut using a table saw.

Step 4: Measure and Cut Sides

Cut two more pieces of cedar wood, each 11in. long. Lay each piece in a box shape with the first two that were cut on opposite sides of each other, and mark the angles on the most recent cut boards at what height they need to be cut. Draw a line across and cut using a table saw (tilt the saw to match the angle of the cut).

Step 5: Nail Together Base Frame

Place all four cut pieces together, glue the connected edges, and secure with 2-3 nails in each corner.

Step 6: Attach Top to Base Frame

Cut a 15x11in. rectangle and glue onto the top of the frame, and secure it by 3 or four nails on each edge.

Step 7: Measure and Cut Frame for Side Surface

Measure two 2x6in pieces of the Cedar wood and two 2x15in pieces of the Cedar wood. Cut the length using the compound miter saw, and the width using the table saw.

Step 8: Cut Wood Ends

Cut a 45 degree angle off of each end of the wood you just cut, for all pieces to come together and for a square.

Step 9: Cutting Slots for the Side Surface

Set your table saw 1/4in high and cut 1 3/4in from the side, forming a slot in the wood. (May have to be done a couple times, so slightly move the wood to the side and do it again to make it wider).

Step 10: Complete Side Table

Cut a 13.5x3.5in of plywood and insert into the slots of all four wood pieces. Nail the pieces together.

Step 11: Attaching the Two Parts

Flip both parts upside down and screw them together.

Step 12: Conclusion

This instructable is a computer stand and a table, and a great way to enjoy movie night. Different types of wood can be used, as well as nailing the side table on top instead of cutting the slots and making it lower. Please try it out and let me know how it goes! Feedback and comments are welcome.

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    4 years ago

    Looks solid! Did you finish the wood in any way . . paint, stain, etc?