Introduction: Laptop Stand

Today i'm gonna teach you how to make a computer holder for your computer. It is useful and a nice decoration too your office for you computer.

Step 1: Right Measurement of PVC

Grab the right measurement of PVC that will fit you computer. In this case it's a MacBook Air. For a MacBook Air you will be needing, 2X 10 inch PVC pipe, 1X 10.5 inch PVC pipe, 2X 5.5 inch PVC pipe, and 6X PVC elbow.

Step 2: Putting Everything Together

After that you will put everything together. Grab 2 PVC elbow, then connect the 10 inch PVC pipe to it. Put a PVC elbow to the upside down direction on the other side of the pipe. Connect the the 5.5 inch PVC pipe to both elbow. Then put a PVC elbow to both pipe, then connect the 10.5 inch PVC pipe to both elbow. Your results should be just like the picture.

Step 3: Gluing Everything Together

Now you have to glue everything together. Write a stripe with a washable marker on every part that you have to glue, because then you can glue it write where it is supposed to be. Put glue all around the pipes and elbows and connect them all together. I used the glue that is up there in the picture.

Step 4: Spray Painting

Now you can do the FUN part... painting it. Get a color that you would like your computer holder to be. In this case I chose satin black.

Step 5: The Final Result

Your final result should look like the picture. Sit back and relax with you new Computer Holder!!! it is really useful and smart. HAVE FUN WITH YOU NEW COMPUTER HOLDER!!!

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