Laptop Stand for Asus EEEPC in 5 Minutes for 5 Euros




Introduction: Laptop Stand for Asus EEEPC in 5 Minutes for 5 Euros

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There are many good laptop stands on so why make another one?
Well, I wanted one that fits perfect to my ASUS EEEPC, is as cheap as possible and is made in a few minutes. This is my very first instructable, so it may not as perfect as the others here.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need:

- two 18 cm (about 7.1 inches) shelf mounts approximately 3  Euro with a drilled hole on the side
- one 100 cm (about 39 inches) aluminum round pipe approximately 2 Euro with a fitting diameter
- 4 zip ties

saw or dremel to cut the round pipe
sandpaper to clean the cut
scissor or knife to cut the zip ties
safety glasses, if you use a dremel to cut the round pipe

Step 2: Putting Things Together

1. Put the round pipe through the holes of the shelf mounts.
Leave a few millimeters space on the end, that's where we place our first zip tie. Don't close it complete, you might have to move it a bit later. (picture 1)
2. Place your netbook on it, make sure that the two rubbers fit perfect on the mounts. (picture 2)
3. Add the other zip ties, don't close them complete, just use them to find the right positions.
4. Grab your pencil and make a mark where the last zip tie ends, add a millimeter or two because we have to saw here and will sand the cut off end.
5. Use a Dremel or a saw to cut off the round pipe, use safety glasses (if you use a Dremel, and be careful with your hands!!)
6. Sand the cut
7. Bring everything in position, make a last check with your netbook. If everything fits, close the zip  ties. Pull as hard as you can, if you do it right, the zip ties won't move anymore.
8. Cut of the zip tie endings (picture 3)
9. Congratulations, your're done! (picture 4)

PS: If you want, you can drill holes in the front area and add another round pipe. This makes the stand even more stable.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job, will this stand only hold asus eee machines? I thinking about making one for my Lenovo T81. Wondering if there are any weight restraints on your design.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    thanx :) no, it will work with any netbook, as long as you manage to find a "grip". The eeepc has two small feets at the back that fit perfectly. If you've got something like that, you can use any netbook. Maybe you can add some Velcro strips on the stand and under your laptop/netbook, this makes the whole thing even sturdier.
    No, there are no weight problems. If you use a larger shelf mounts you can use it for a regular notebook too if they fit your measures.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. Minimalist design and sturdy, I am going to try a foldable version so I can take it with me to campus... perhaps a rubber strip on each bracket would keep my mac from sliding down the stand and having to rest on the table?