Introduction: Laptop-hook

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For a long time I found not beeing able to use my Laptop while walking around, or standing with out a table. So I build this device, that holds my laptop in front of me while I tipe or read. It is not perfect, the screen is a little to near for my taste, the tiping a little awequard, but way better than working on my smartphone. It can hold a laptop in most situations, but I keep a hand on the keyboard, while moving around, just to be save.

Step 1: Cutting Out the Parts

First cut out the parts with a jigsaw. Immagine the Laptop as a lever, that moves around, the lower end of the hooks, and presses against the opper end of the hooks, this preasure is what keeps the laptop from sliding away. We get a better lever if the lower part of the hook is shorter (not very intuitve, I know). So look how big you have to make the hook, to accomudate your laptop. make the upper part at least long enaught to get past rounded edges and such.

You will wandt a front plate, or two, for holding the hooks, and a backplate, for keeping the frontplate from burrowing into your flesh. Also something to hold the Hooks in an about 90 degree angle to the frontplate, here I used two triangles.

Last smothen the edges with sandpaper

Step 2: You Need

You need a Jigsaw,

a Drill

very durable Tread,

Abrasive Paper

a thin Wood Plate

some Ribbon.

The Drill and Tread can be replaced by Hot Glue.

Step 3: Sewing or Gluing It Together

Next you can drill holes into the parts, for late sewing them together. Make shure not to drill the holes too near each other and

You need a row of holes at the back end of the hooks (to sew it to the frontplate), and one from the back- to the front part of the hooks (to sew it to the triangles). On the Frontplate, you need for each hook a vertikal line of holes and to sew on the trinangles vertical lines of holes Also lines, that allow to sew the front to the backplate. On the Trinangle make two lines hof holes that meet at the 90 degree angle.

Now you can sew the hooks to the frontplate, then fold them to an about 90 degree angle and sew on the triangle.

Then you can sew the front to the back plate, here you can leave a little play, so the plates can flap to each other.

Instead of drilling and sewing you can also use hot glue to hold the parts together. Then you would glue a peace of ribbon to the front and back plate, so that they can change there angle to each other.

Step 4: Fasten the Belts

To fasten the belts, you can drill two holes in each of the for outside corners laptophook, and go with about one meter of tread throu the holes in a not too tight loop, untill no more tread fits in. Then you can put the ends of the ribbon throu the backside of the loop, around the wood and throu the frontside, back around the wood and throu the backside again. The belts can go from upper corner, to the lower corner on the same side, wich makes it easyer to don, or from the upper, to the lower corner on the other side, wich makes it more comfortable to wear.

Again you can also glue the Belts on, but then you can adjust the length only once.

I hope your laptop-hook will be usefull and fun to you.