Introduction: Laptop Mouse Pad and Cup Holder

This is a laptop holder that incorporates a mouse pad and a cup holder.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

The materials you will need are:

-2 pieces of aluminum angle pieces at least 20 inches in length

-A few pieces of angle aluminum a few inches in length

-A few nuts and bolts

-A nice solid flat piece of aluminum big enough for a mouse to operate on

-A hefty spring

-2 big bolts

-1 long piece of circular steel that is small in diameter

-2 clamps to hold the rail

-One cup holder you can salvage from an automobile or boat

-2 washers to go over the big bolts

-2 rubber pieces to go over the big bolts(i used fuel hose)

-A saw to cut metal

-A drill and a set of drill bits

-Wrenches to tighten the bolts

-A way to cut a long slot(i used a milling machine)

Step 2: Cutting the Angle Pieces

I started off by cutting the angle pieces of aluminum to 20 inches in length.

Step 3: Deburing

Afterwards i debured the rough edge that was left behind by the saw which i continue to do throughout the project.

Step 4: Railing

Next i found a piece of circular metal that had came from a boat motor lower unit and i cut it down to 18 inches in length. Then i found two clamps to hold the railing in place good and snug. I drilled the appropriate holes for the clamp to go into then i mounted the railing into place to see how it fit together. Then i took the railing off to prepare for the next step.

Step 5: Cutting the Slot

Next i took one of the angle pieces that i first cut and i places it in a milling machine and cut a slot for the 2 big bolts to slide in. I placed the other piece of angle aluminum behind the piece i was cutting to add stability during the cut. Make sure that you make the grove a snug fit with the bolts so that everything will slides nicely. Make sure you leave a little bridge in the middle or close to it so that it still keeps a little bit of strength.

Step 6: Big Bolts

Next i took the 2 big bolts and drilled a hole near the bottom of it with a drill bit size that was just a little big larger than the railing so that the bolts would slide nicely.

Step 7: Assemble

Now you can assemble everything you have done up to this point and it should look like this. I put the washers in between the hose and the aluminum so that the rubber doesn't catch on it and cause resistance.

Step 8: Adding Support for the Back of the Laptop

Cut the other piece of aluminum in half and use the some of the other pieces of angle aluminum to mount the pieces outward toward where the back of the laptop would be.

Step 9: Adding the Cup Holder and Mouse Pad

Now take the flat piece of aluminum and attach it on the side that you use your mouse on like so and then put the cup holder on the opposite side.

Step 10: Laser

If i got the laser i would build a backpack to hold a battery and make a hand held laser cutter to cut paper and cardboard and such.

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