Introduction: Laptop Stand for Bed - My Design

I have seen lots of laptop stand for bed  here in Instructables, but none that suits my needs, so I decided to build my own, So I motored down to the nearest lumber yard and purchased a clean 1 x 2 x 8feet white pine, and checking my hardware scraps, came up with this 1 day project.
Hope you guys and girls will like this, btw, this is my first instructable, so  feel free to comment and suggest other options...

thanks and hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Cutting the 1 X 2 by 8 Feet

You may be amazed to how affordable this project cost me, the 1 x 2 x 8 feet of pinewood  is only $2.00 here in the Philippines, plus for 2 sheets of 160 grit sand papers which cost me 40 cents. The rest of the materials i just scavenge them from my scrap bin.. the table top is a backing Plexiglas from a broken 19 in. LCD panel which I dismantled. 


1. Electric drill with different sizes of wood bits
2. Jigsaw or Handsaw
3. 2 pcs. 120 to 150 grit waterproof sandpaper( to smoothen the wood)
4. screw drivers

Note : you need to make two of the following items:

cut your 1 x 2 x 8 feet as follows:
footings = 16 inches
legs = 14 inches
table top support = 11 inches
angle stopper = 7 inches

Step 2: Inserting the T-nut

Before assembling, you need to insert the T-nuts...

Step 3: Assembling the Legs

For the  holes dimensions and spacing,  i will live it to you for your own projects...they are not critical and i have found the table to be  well balanced...

Step 4: Table Top

for my table top, i used a plexiglas i salvage from my broken 19 inch wide LCD monitor..the 1 x1 wood is wood screwed from the bottom, this will keep your laptop from sliding down, if your table is angled very steep..

Step 5: Complete the Other Legs and Screw in the Table Top

complete the other legs and attaching  the table top with wood screws(3 per sides).

note: if the table top keeps moving, insert a folded sandpaper between the legs and table top support, before screwing in the big knob...