Introduction: Laptop Stand VGA Powered

The general idea is to make a regular laptop stand but because we got from 1 - 3 usb port we power it via VGA.

La idea general es hacer una base para laptop pero en lugar de usar uno de los pocos puertos usb esta se alimenta de la entrada vga.

Step 1: The General Idea

I will not tell you how to make a laptop stand... there are several instructables on this.

The general idea of this its to get power from vga port and save usb ports

All you have to do is:

1. get a fan from 5-12v
2. get a regular table (i made mine from MDF)
3. VGA connector
4. soldering equip

make your table and make sure the fan stands still (follow other instructables)
solder your fan terminals to VGA male port (PIN 1 = ground; PIN 9 = positive 5v)

|X|���� PIN1
-�|X|��� PIN9

plug & play

Note. If your fan its more than 5v you can make a combo VGA + USB to get 10v