Introduction: Large Event Mobile Phone Photography Basics

About: Marketing Communications Manager @Autodesk.

There are a few tiny photography skills that will help you capture a large conference or event in a more professional light. Feature your team, products and demos in photos and short videos (even animated .gifs) that will work perfectly on your social channels and newsletters.

Step 1: Framing

There are a few ways to frame a photo, but at an event, it's a good idea to use the banners your company has had printed. In these two examples, you'll see that an effort was made to include the booths branding to frame the action in the shots.

Step 2: Show Off Print Work

The more minimal print work can be great to photograph. In the "Spark" image, you'll see that the photographer included the event goers in action as a blurred background. This is a great way to explain your at a show.

Step 3: Get Close

Show off displays by getting closer to the details. Some people who will be seeing these posts were unable to make it to the event. Make sure they have the opportunity to see what they are missing.

Step 4: Show Off Your Demo Experiments

When you become part of a hands on experience, show off what you've done with the tools provided with a photo or video. The type of message that would accompany this would be, "@Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro has set up a spot near the escalators where you can all draw whatever you'd like on pressure sensitive tablets!" or "Here is @123D Circuits demoing the electric skateboard, you have got to try this thing out!"

Step 5: Play With Angles

Pop that camera in the air and look down on an exchange of knowledge. This especially works if there is a crowd in front of you, or in one of the photos above, a 3D printer. Get eye level with displays to give the product a more powerful presence.

Step 6: Skip Empty Chairs

If you're colleagues are leading a class, please take photos, but try and frame out any empty chairs. Always leave the impression that the room is packed!

Step 7: Communication Exchanges

Show how engaging your booth is by capturing conversations between your colleagues and event goers. If these types of images are posted during the event with the event #hashtag - participants will surely wonder what all the bustle is about and likely stop by your booth.

Step 8: Event Perks

Once in awhile, you'll see something beautiful at an event that may seem unrelated - but it's it's an opportunity to thank the event (@mention them or use their event #hashtag!) for treating your company's employees so well.