Introduction: Large Folding Wall Table

Materials :

1x2 wood –

Plywood –

1x3 wood –

Legs –

Table hinges –

Leg Hinges –

Stain –

Sealer -

Step One : Decide on the size and height of your table.

Step two: paint/stain frame boards.

paint/stain table board.

paint/stain trim boards (this can always be done later too).

Step Three: Hang the frame. You want to have the top of the bottom board at the same height as you want the bottom of your table to be. (you'll want your legs and supporting board for the legs to equal this same height). A typical table is about 29in. I went with 30 for mine.

You want all boards to screw into studs, especially the sides (which will hold the latches) and the bottom (which will support the table).

Step Four: Screw your trim boards onto the table, including supporting boards for the legs. We chose to drill into the boards a little and put the screws in so they don't sick out (you can see this in the close up picture), this is preference you don't have to.

Step Five: Hang the table. You will need a couple people for this. Attach the hinges to the frame or the table first (your choice). Then have two people hold the table while you attach them together. They will also need to hold the table up till you put the legs on or the locks on so the table can sit somehow on it's own.

Step Six: Put on the locks (again you could chose legs first, I did locks). Decide where you want the height of your locks to comfortably open and close. Put a small piece of the 1x2 board (with the longer side pointing outward), screw into the frame. Attach the hook side of your lock to the board. Line the table up to the lock and screw the other piece to the table. Do the same on the other side.

Step Seven: Put the legs on. You can fold the table down and place the legs under to see where you think they should sit. Measure and then attach with small hinges on each side. Make sure they lay straight when the table is up.

Step Eight: Decorate how you'd like and enjoy your table!!!