Introduction: Large LED Luminaire

First the materials:

 A large piece of metal or a piece of another solid and strong material like wood.
LEDS (is recomended between 50 and 70),
copper wire,
soldering iron

Step 1: The Large Piece

First, do the holes to the piece with a kind of bit where the LEDS can pass through it.

If you have for example 50 LEDS, you do 50 holes and after that cut the excess of the piece

where there are no holes

Step 2: Welding LEDS

well, first of all, it is used a base to weld the LEDS to the copper wire. All the negative sides

parallel to the positive ones. You can do this by many series of six or seven LEDS and weld

the LEDS with a constant distance between each one.

Step 3: Putting the LEDS

In this step, the LEDS are put through the holes of the large piece. (be careful if your piece is

made of metal. Copper wire cannot touch the metal because it causes a short circuit.)

The head of the LEDS have to show to the other side to iluminate. Also you can use silicone

to paste the LEDS to the piece, so the LEDS wont fall.

Step 4: Connecting

After the LEDS are put into the large piece we have to connect them.

We have to weld the copper wires to connect all the series in parallel.

Finally with these steps passed we are ready  to test our LED luminaire.

It is very easy and very useful.