Large Peace Sign W/Lights

Introduction: Large Peace Sign W/Lights

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How to make peace signs:

out of SharkBite PVC, wire clothing line, and holiday light strings


Step 1: Supplies

Use a SharkBite PVC and coupling (1/2-inch x 10 feet long), coated wire clothesline, along with some steel wire for hanging on a wall or outside. This makes a 6-foot tall peace sign hoop.

Join 2 pieces of SharkBite PVC (1/2 inch) with 2 metal coupling pieces to for a large circle.

Step 2:

Cover the hoop with black or green Duct tape. Mark the 4 points of where the lines within the peace-sign hit the circle with a sharpie for a guideline.

Step 3:

Attach the clothes line and coil the wire to secure it to the hoop.

Make sure each light strand works before using it. Plug each one in and jiggle it a little bit to make sure the lights stay on.

Take a light string and wrap a quarter of the circle, avoiding wrapping the male end of the plug which will be used to plug in the peace-sign when it’s done. Plug a second string into the first (test it again to make sure it works) and wrap the next quarter of the circle. Repeat with a third and fourth string or more until the whole hoop is wrapped. Try to space lights evenly. Place the lose end of the first light string at the bottom of the hoop. You can then plug in an extension cord into this end to light the sign.
Take the next-to-last last string of lights (5th or more), plug it into the last (fourth) string, wrap the leader cable (the part that has no lights) a few times around the very top of the hoop and then straight down the center (cutting the circle in half), wrapping the light string a couple of times around the hoop on the other end. Use duct tape to fasten these lights into position if needed. Go back and forth like this to tie the whole string of lights through the center of the hoop maybe about four or five times (depending on the length of the string), each time wrapping the string around the hoop and around the center strings themselves for stability. End near the middle of the circle. Take the last string, plug it into the fifth string you just used, wrap it a couple of times around the center divider string for stability, and then start wrapping it from the center to the left, then back to the center, then to the right to create the lines in the center of the peace-sign. Each time wrapping it around the hoop and the center line of lights for stability. 8. Place a wire loop for hanging at the very top of the hoop. Brick clips can be used to hang from brick.

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    Thanks! Hung it up outside today and the neighbors love it. :)