Large Pincushion



Introduction: Large Pincushion

Create a stylish, steady Pincushion large enough to fit ALL of your pins.
I had way to many pins and regular cushion was way to small for all of them.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

1. Round Plastic Container (I use container from Q-Tips) I prefer plastic because its is flexible and wont break if you drop it.
2. Fabric Spray Adhesive, you can use glue gun or any other fabric adhesive you have.
3. 2 contrasting fabrics

    1st fabric (black one) for container measure it a hight if container + 1/2 inch on the top and bottom
    2nd fabric (green) for cushion, measure the diameter of container mine is 3" and multiply by 2, so I used piece 6"x6"


Step 2: Apply Adhesive

1. If you are using spray adhesive like me, place paper under the fabric before spraying to prevent sticky stains on you desk.

2. Spray adhesive on fabric and attach it to the plastic container like it shown on the picture, let it dry.

Step 3: Finishing Up! Adding Stuffing With Cushion Top

You should start by spraying adhesive inside container, then attach one side of fabric to inner surface of container.
Then after it dried, spray more adhesive on inner sides and carefully fill it with fiberfill.
And then press fabric, so it sticks to the side and holds the fiberfill fabric to inner side of container . One hand should press down the fiberfill so it doesn't stick before fabric, another hand pushes fabric in.

Step 4: It Should Look Like This

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