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Introduction: Large Reversible Over the Shoulder Bag

Hi guys! It's that time, another instructable! This time, I decided to try out a large over the shoulder purse. It's a simple bag to make and can easily carry any and everything you need! 

Let's get started!

Step 1: Pick Your Fabric!

For the fabric, you can use anything you choose, the different types are completely up to you. For this specific purse, I'll just be using the same fabric alternating the 'right' and 'wrong' sides of the fabric for a fun effect! Even though it is reversible, I wanted to keep the same colors.

Gather your fabric and measure out about how large you want your bag to be.  I chose to do it as 14x30 in size (if doing in alternating patterns/colors, you will need to cut a total of 4 pieces - 2 for lining and 2 for outside)! Cut your fabric accordingly.

I flipped the fabric over so that half of my purse is pink and the other is green. Sew together. This creates the 'center' of the purse! (Do so with each set of pieces)

For the braided effect on the handle I cut out 3 long strips about 4 inches wide and 60 in length. Set aside. 

*Note that you'll be doing each step twice for the inside and outside of the purse!*

Step 2: Basic Shape

Once stitched together, press the seams open (on both lining and shell pieces).

Fold fabric in half, your purse should now start to be taking some shape :-)
Pin and sew side seams together.

Step 3: Boxing the Corners

To add a little depth and 'shape' to the bottom of the purse, it's now time to box the edges...

Take the bottom corner of the bag and open it up opposite of how you just stitched the edges. You'll be creating a triangular 'roof' shape. You can either press open the seams or not, I liked them open. Pin.
Measure down about 2 inches and mark a line for reference. Stitch across this line. Backstitching is a good idea ;-)
Remove pins. (Do this to the other 3 corners). 

It should look like this...

Step 4: A Nice Crease and Sturdy Bottom

Turn the bag inside out. You should now have lovely boxed corners!

At the top, it's a good idea to press down about 5/8" around the whole top of the purse. This will come in handy later when lining up the inside and the shell! You're not stitching anything yet, you just want to have a nice and visible crease. Do this on both pieces.

To help give the bottom a strong base and also add even more shape, I took a piece of cardboard and cut it to fit the bottom of the purse. I used the casing of a calendar folded in half- about 5" wide and about 27" long. This will fit inside of the shell but under the lining!

Step 5: Pleats, Pleats and More Pleats

Lay out your purse pieces and find the center seam. From that center seam, measure out every 2" and mark your fabric. You can make as many pleats as you want, for this purse, I marked out 5 on each side.. every 2 inches for a total of 10 per side of the purse. do this on both pieces, front and back.

Take your first pleat mark and match it to the next marking. Do this with each line until there are no more left. Do this with all markings, both sides for shell and lining. Pin. Sew all around. The lining the pleats will actually be on the 'wrong' side of the fabric.*

Step 6: Adding the Handle

Slide the cardboard shape to the bottom of the shell and then tuck the lining in to the purse.

Fold that crease that you made earlier and match up the pleats and seams. Pin. Place aside.

Now it's time to make the handle of your purse. There are tons of ways to make a handle, I was going for a braided effect...

Take the 3 (4"x60") long strips you already cut out.
One at a time, fold the outside edges to the center (left to center, right to center) and press.
Fold over one more time. Pin. Sew to close seam. Do this with all 3 pieces.

Once all strips are sewn with clean edges... you can either braid or knot the fabric. I chose to do knots. Do this until you have only a small amount left. Tuck the end of the handles in between the shell and the lining of the purse on the side seams. Pin in place, and sew all around the top.

Step 7: Finished!

Top stitch (I chose a nice zigzag stitch for the outside). Remove the pins. And you're done!!

Put everything and anything inside and Enjoy!

If you did different fabrics, you can turn your purse inside out and use the other side. It's totally reversible!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!! I'm still learning but I'm excited about getting better along the way!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Such a cute bag! I like the colors. Have a splendorous day!