Introduction: Large Rossette

Hello!!! This time I will be teaching you guys how to make a large crochet rosette! You can do whatever you want with it when you're finished, I ended up making mine into a hat clip. But anyway!


Step 1:

So lets get started!~

Here's what you'll need:
H or I Hook (I used an H hook so it would be smaller)
Tapestry Needle
2 colors of yarn

French Clip
Brooch Clip
Whatever you want!~

Step 2: Row 1

First We're going to take your base color and Chain 79!!!!

I picked my #2 color for my base color and chained 79!

Step 3: Row 2

After you chain 79, single crochet in the second chain from the hook and then crochet all the way across for a stitch count of 78!~

Step 4: Row 3

This is the tedious part.

You are now going to make several scallops in 3 different sizes. Follow these instructions:
Repeat what is between the slashes (//)
R3: First Ch 1
/single crochet 1, skip 1, 5 Half Double Crochet in next, skip 1/ repeat 5x.
/single crochet 1, skip 1, 5 Double Crochet in next, skip 1/ repeat 5x.
/single crochet 1, skip 1, 5 Triple Crochet in next, skip 1/ repeat until finished.
single crochet in last stitch, bind off leave long tail.

Step 5: Row 4

In row 4 you are going to attach your second color and then follow the pattern instructions

Repeat what's in the slashes (//)
Row 4
/do 5 Back Post Half Double Crochets then skip 1/

What you're doing here is BPHDC in each of the HDC, DC and TC you did for the scallops and skipping the anchor single crochet you did between each one.

Step 6: Lets Weave!

Now you're going to take you extra long tail weave long base color tail through the base chain all the way to the end. Do not worry about weaving it through every stitch (even though I did, it looks more uniform if you do but it's not necessary). Pull tightly until you get a spiral, this will help shape your flower. Bind off, but leave the tail.

Step 7: Do the Twist!

This next part is tricky, but the tightening of the weaved tail will help! You're going to begin with the HDC and layer your flower petals in a way that they will lay nicely while using the left over long tail end to do some anchor stitches hold everything in place while you layer.

Pro Tip:
If you layer the petals right on top of each other you will end up with a flower mountain, try to put the edge of the second layer right past the edge of the first. This way it will lay more flat. You can kind of see this in the pictures as well as the finished product picture.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

After you're done layering do some more anchor stitches so nothing falls apart, being careful to hide them! Tie it with the other pieces of yarn in the back and finish up anyway you want!!!

Step 9: Contact Me!~

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