Introduction: Large Temp Display

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This is a nice simple (yet useful) project that is suitable in many places. It can be easily constructed in less than 15 minutes with the right parts. By pressing the button the display will cycle between temperature and humidity.

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Step 1: Parts Required

All that's needed to construct this project is;

- Freetronics DMD Display

- Arduino (Uno Compatible)

- DHT22 Sensor

- Button (any momentary type you want)

- A 5VDC regulated power supply capable of 4 - 30 Amps (Optional for high brightness - Not needed for normal operation)

Step 2: Constructing the Hardware

1) Solder required wires to the DHT22 if necessary

2) Connect the DHT22's power to 5V and ground to GND then data to pin 3

3) Wire up the button and connect to pins 2 and GND on the arduino

4) Connect the DMDCON to the arduino and the to the DMD

6) For full brightness of DMD connect a 5V source to the High Brightness terminals

7) If you wish to make this on a proto shield solder all parts to the shield and connect appropriately.

8) If you wish mount the arduino in a box for a more professional look

Step 3: The All Importent Code

To install the software on the arduino follow the following:
First you need to install the DMD library available from here and install it in your libraries folder.
The software can be downloaded here. This contains the basic operations for the Display.

Feel free to modify the code to suit your needs. Some other operations you may with to include may be cycling the display without pressing the button.

Step 4: Thank You

Thank for reading. Please comment on what you think.

Also feel free to change the code to suit your needs. Just please include that the original sketch was created by Jed Hodson (me)

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