Introduction: Large Worm on String

With the resurgence of the squirmle, or now better known as a worm on a string, my sister has been carrying them all over the house and leaving them sit to stare at people. A couple weeks ago she started making her own. I decided to make my own and with it an instructable of it in case anyone else wanted to know how.


    • Yarn
    • Scissors
    • Pet brush
    • Cardboard


    Step 1: Measure and Cut Yarn

    Measure out a piece of yarn however long you want your worm to me, mine is about 18" long. Tie a knot around an inch from one end. Cut a piece of cardboard to the length you want your worm's fur to be. Mine is 2.25". Cut a strip out of the middle of your cardboard piece, this will help with cutting later. Wrap your yarn around the cardboard piece. Once you've wrapped quite a bit of yarn slide your scissors through the middle of the yarn (where the slit in your cardboard is) and cut through your yarn. Make sure you are only cutting on one side of your cardboard, this will make the cut pieces twice the length of your cardboard piece. You will need a lot of these. I used about 3 times as many pictured.

    Step 2: Tie and Brush Yarn

    Once you've cut the pieces tie them onto your long string one at a time. Once you have a group tied (I stopped after anywhere from around 4- 20 tied on) split the group in half so half are on one side of the long yarn and half on the other. hold one clump and brush the other away from the long string with your pet brush. Once brushed slide to the knot on the end of your long string. Repeat with the other clump, holding the brushed clump and brushing out the other. Continue tying and brushing until you only have a couple inches of long string left.

    Brushing works best if you keep the unbrushed pieces separate from the brushed then slide them down the long string to the rest. It also helps to spread out and twist the brushed bunch a little before sliding them down to join the rest. This will make your worm more even.

    Step 3: Trim Worm and Add String

    Once you only have a couple inches left you are done adding fur. Lay your worm on a flat surface and pet all its fur away from your remaining string. Take your scissors and start to trip down your worm. I cut mine similar to a 'real' squirmle but feel free to give yours whatever haircut you want.

    Once trimmed to your liking add a string. If you'd like to stay true to the original, use fishing line. If, like me, you don't have fishing line, just use another piece of yarn. I connected mine by tying a bowline with my remaining yarn and adding a long piece of string to this knot. Alternatively you could tie the strings together with something like a Granny knot. I included diagrams that I found on google for both knots.

    Step 4: Optional Eyeballs

    If you would like add some eyeballs. experiment with different paper eyes, or googly eyes.

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