Introduction: Lasagna Garden From Start to Finish. By: SHS!

To get started:

Tools needed: skill saw, shovel, drill, screws, level, measuring tape.

Material list2 10ft. 2x12 treated boards, 4 2ft. 2x2, manure, compost, shredded paper, straw, mulch, top soil, plants, water, and some sunshine.

Step 1: To Start Off

Step one: Choose a site for your new raised bed garden and stake out the area.

(The photo indicates our 4x4 raised bed.)

Level out the first level of the bed.

Step 2:

Step two: Add the second level of your raised bed.

After applying the second section, check to make sure everything lines up and is level. 
Then you're going to attach the second level to the first using your drill and screws. 

Step 3: Now Let's Get This Garden A'grown

Step three: After finding your site, lay down a thick layer of newspaper or cardboard over the area to kill the existing weeds or turf.

Water the paper or cardboard to hold it in place.

This is the first layer of your lasagna garden.

Step 4:

Step four: Put down 2 to 3 inches of water-absorbent material [like straw or moss] for the second layer and sprinkle with water.

Step 5:

Step five: Spread a 4 to 8 inch layer of organic material such as compost, leaves, or grass clippings for the next layer.

Sprinkle with water to settle this layer of the lasagna garden.

Step 6:

Step six: Add another 2 to 3 in. of straw over the compost and spray with water.

Spread another layer of organic material [like sherdded paper].

Water it down.

Step 7:

Step seven: Continue putting layers of straw, then an organic layer of clippings, leaves, or compost over and over until the total height of the layers reaches 18 to 24 inches.

Step 8:

Step eight: Sprinkle a light layer of bone meal and wood ash on the top of the pile to add phosphorus and potassium to the mix and wet down.

Step 9:

Step nine: Plant the seedlings by pulling apart a bit of the mulching materials.

Put the plant in the soil and then cover and pat down.

Water the entire lasagna garden thoroughly and continue to water throughout the growing season. 

Step 10:

You have now finished your own Lasagna Garden from start to finish! (:

Thank you so much for viewing our instruct-able! 

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