Introduction: Lasagne With Roasted Vegetables

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Who does not love Lasagne? Lasagna does not have to be with meat; this is a very tasty recipe with roasted vegetables. It's very easy to do and so yummy!

Step 1:

For 4 persons:

3 colored Capsicums
2 big Eggplants
2 big Zucchini
4 Tomatoes

First you roast the vegetables, except the tomatoes. Cut the eggplants and Zucchini into 5 mm slices, put them on a baking sheet and brush them with oil. Bake in the oven at 200 C for 25-30 minutes.
Cut the capsicum into quarters and remove the seeds. Bake in the oven at 200 C for 20 minutes then peel off the skin.

Step 2:

For the Bechamel Sauce:
2 tbsp Butter
2 tbsp Flour
500 ml Milk
30 g grated Parmesan
Salt and Pepper
For the Bechamel melt the butter in a pan and add the flour. Whisk well until the flour has absorbed the butter, then add the milk. Whisking all the time, season well and let thicken slightly. Then add the grated Parmesan. Cook until well thickened.

Step 3:

You also need:
300 g Lasagna non-cooking pasta sheets
500 ml Tomato Sauce (you can also use the ones in the glass like Barilla)

30 g grated Parmesan
Salt and Pepper
Rosemary and Oregano

Grease an oven-proof dish and put some of the sauces into it.
Then add a layer of pasta sheets, then eggplants and both sauces.
Add another layer of pasta sheets, then the zucchini and again sauces. Season the layers well.
Than add pasta again, the sliced tomatoes and sauces.
Another layer of pasta, the capsicum and sauces and end with a layer of pasta and the rest of the sauces.
Sprinkle with the grated Parmesan.

Step 4:

Bake at 200 C for 40 minutes and serve immediately.
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